ASSIST Energy Solutions Corp.

ASSIST Energy Solutions Corp. “(ASSIST)”, and owners have engineered and manufactured a portable process facility for use in EOR and will conduct a Field Trial on a heavy oil well as the next step towards commercialization. ASSIST’S product consists of a direct contact steam generator and methods for operating non-thermal oil wells in high temperature service.

The EOR Process includes production and injection of steam and gases into an oil reservoir during an injection cycle followed by a production cycle. The process has been named the Submerged Combustion Vaporizer or “SCV”. ASSIST’s plan is to offer contract reservoir stimulation services to the oil industry on a fee-for- service basis. Studies suggest that the SCV EOR Process is expected to recover increased oil from existing wells for approx. $15 - $20/barrel.

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ASSIST Energy Solutions Corp.


  • Higher energy efficiency

    hot combustion gases are conserved and used to both heat and pressurize reservoirs, with the added benefit of providing blanket gases that reduce heat loss to the overburden.

  • Non-thermal heavy oil wells

    Ability to use non-thermal heavy oil wells in thermal service due to use of a patent pending well recompletion and operation method which incorporates production and injection of a well annulus cooling fluid.

  • Water for steam generation

    Ability to utilize raw untreated produced water for steam generation. The competitive OTSG requires that companies invest in expensive water treatment facilities to produce boiler feed water.